Miami Beauty Bar

VIP services in a classy setting Quality over quantity Private high-end establishment


Reknown woldwide.

Ombr茅 Brows

When done by a master artist, semi-permanent makeup is the best of the best. Combining hair-by-hair technic and ombre shading to obtain the perfect eyebrows for YOU.

Real Results, Guaranteed

Miami Beauty Bar is proud to offer only VIP services in a classy setting.


Judy P.

"Miami Beauty Bar have done miracles with my eyebrows. I am so happy and impress by the results I have referred 5 of my friends."

Real people with life-changing results

Sandra M.

"Basmina is my lash technician for 7 years now and I would never go somewhere else. The amazing service and feeling that only you matter combines with the quality of the work are unbeatable."

Nathalia D.

"Miami Beauty Bar鈥檚 technician was professional and friendly. I really like the one-on-one VIP feeling in her salon. The Lip Blush and Brows she did on me was over my expectations. She is truly an artist."

Alicia P.

"Naturally, I had almost no brows and it was always a complex for me. Basmina manages to create a very natural yet stunning effect. It鈥檚 just beyond perfect! I will come back to do my lashes with her in the future."

VIP Treatment

As a one on one clinic, we have the ability to offer treatments that fit your needs perfectly. You deserve a royal treatment.

Services Quality

With seven years of service and over dozen certificates, The Miami Beauty Bar offers top-of-the-line results to their customers.

Customers Satisfaction

Over 10,000 happy customers in the USA and Canada over the past 7 years.